More food is growing!
Postad den 27 Jun 2009 vid 11:51

Can you guess what this isIT'S CHILI!!

I found an old, dry chili in the fridge and it had some old, dry seeds in it, just had to plant some. I wasn't expecting much as they're so old and dry but they're ALIVE :D

I know I planted them kinda late (last week?), so I might not get to harvest, but atleast they're ALIVE :D

This was a triumph

This is not the mystery seedlings, they're still growing, alas really slowly.

Tomato flowers
Postad den 16 Jun 2009 vid 18:06

Yay! The Tomato Plant is flowering! Soon I shall taste the sweet, sweet taste of... tomatoes.

Tomato flower

-> Picture 2
-> Picture 3

"Are you a farmer? -I am today."
Postad den 9 Jun 2009 vid 18:30

I finally started growing my own food! Yay! I remember looking forward to this last fall and now I finally have my very first tomato plant.

I didn't get to germinate it from a seed, instead I adopted the youngling from Daniels mother (thank you :)).

The plan was to plant a lot of different things but then I got a job which sucked upp all my will to live.. nah just kidding, it did however keep me occupied. I do actually have other things growing, things that I didn't plant, things that spontaniously popped up, I'm quessing weeds (not the smokable kind mind you :P).

I transplanted the tiny seedlings into a separate pot, I'm curious as to what weeds they are, they're all the same too. I'll keep you guys updated on the identity of my small quests when I learn more.

Without further ado, I present to you The Tomato Plant:
The Tomato Plant

Here's some pictures of the mystery seedlings:
Mystery seedlingsMystery seedlings
Mystery seedlingsMystery seedlings

I plant on growing update pots.
(OK, that one sucked :P)


Mary Poppins
Postad den 9 Jun 2009 vid 12:52

Check out this music video:


Val till Europaparlamentet
Postad den 7 Jun 2009 vid 22:25

Val resultat - Piratpartiet 7.1%

Arrr :D

I FAIL at pancakes :(
Postad den 19 May 2009 vid 21:21

I tried to make pancakes and it was disgusting. That is all.

Ben & Jerry's for the first time.
Postad den 28 Mar 2009 vid 0:25

Alright, so I bought my first Ben & Jerry's ice cream ever last week and I finally opened it today and had a taste. People have recommended it on several occasions so I just had to try it even though it's somewhat expensive at close to 100kr per liter.

Ben & Jerry's come in several flavors, I chose "Cookie Dough".

Verdict: Huge dissappointment! You call that ice cream? It's more like ice ice. After ripping open the package (yes there was ripping, it wasn't easy to open) I was met with what looked like normal ice cream, that illusion was shattered when the spoon hit the block of ice. That stuff is hard! Top grade ice cream is not supposed to be rock solid, not even when it's in the freezer. "How about letting it melt a bit" I hear you suggest. Yeah, tried that, apparently Ben & Jerry's has two states: Titanium and Slime.

Moving onto the taste. I was expecting Cookie Dough, even though I'm not quite sure exactly what that means in terms of taste; there are many different cookies. Apparently the people over at the Ben & Jerry's factory think cookie dough equals to chocolate, yep it tasted like chocolate ice cream, the one flavor that I absolute hate when it comes to ice cream. There was an occasional and brief hint of sweet licorice which was nice.

I conclude that the hype over Ben & Jerry's is just that; hype. I found nothing special with Ben & Jerry's, infact I found it subpar. I might try other flavors, though I'm not going to mark that event on my non-existing calendar.


Happy 1234567890!
Postad den 14 Feb 2009 vid 15:46

We just passed 1234567890 in Unix Epoch time.

Happy 1234567890 :)

25 interesting things that you learn about computers in the movies...
Postad den 11 Feb 2009 vid 17:11

Here's a list of 25 computer "facts" (link), some are quite funny :)

Here's a preview:
  • High tech equipment is often driven by a computer with a DOS prompt. (re: RoboCop)
  • Deleting of data always takes just a little less time than it takes the bad guys to knock down the door.
  • You can gain access to any information you want by simply typing "ACCESS ALL OF THE SECRET FILES" on any keyboard.
  • Any photograph can have minute details pulled out of it. You can zoom into any picture as far as you want to.

That last one is a classic :)

Rough times
Postad den 4 Feb 2009 vid 16:11

Even nerds are feeling the effect of the current economic situation,
Article: Masked Man Robs Convenience Stores With ...

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