Brrrr.. it's getting cold
Postad den 30 Sep 2009 vid 19:03

Autumn is here and winter is approaching with a steady pace, it's time to prepare my garden for the frosty season. I've done some major reorganization; I've thrown away almost all of the chili plants, I threw away the ones I had inside and all but two of the ones I had outside and those two are going to resume their lives in the kitchen. The reason I chose those two of the chili plants is because.. *drum-roll* .. they have chili fruit! Yay!

Chili fruit
Chili fruit

Indoors Vs. Outdoors

It has been a nice summer and I've learned a thing or two about growing food. One thing in particular that I've learned is that there's a big difference between growing plants indoors versus outdoors, even if the plants are next to the window getting sun light. Take a look at the following image. It features my chili plants; on the left, in the brown pot, you can see the plants that I had indoors. Compare them to the ones on the right, big difference! The outdoorsy ones have stronger stems, darker and thicker leaves and they have flowers.. and they're twice as big!

outdoors vs indoors
Indoors chili Vs. outdoors chili

Mystery Plant

I've kept the mystery plants, they've grown a bit but not much. I've kept them indoors, should have had them outdoors. Both my roommates think it might be a tree of some sort, I would not be surprised if it was as we have many pollinating trees close by.

mystery plant
Mystery plant

As for the tomato plant, it's still on the balcony but it's looking a bit weak and sad. I fear I will not be able to enjoy the green tomatoes currently hanging on it's branches.

I'm looking forward to next spring!

The chili plants were infested with plant mites, I've spent half an hour sweeping of mites from my two chili plants in the kitchen. I've removed several plant-mite-pods, they're white and securely attached to the leaves. I think they're bodies of the plant mites, sacrificed to create the pods. When you squeeze them black ooze comes out of them. *Shiver*.

It just keeps on giving
Postad den 20 Sep 2009 vid 16:12

Look at that, even more tomatoes on the way, it just keeps on giving!
I've enjoyed many tasty tomato sandwiches already and I'm looking forward to more.

more tomatoes

One year of
Postad den 14 Sep 2009 vid 14:15

The new website/design of has been online for a year now I believe. So... congrats or something.. right?

Can't believe it's been a year already lol :)

Postad den 12 Sep 2009 vid 18:15

I was on my first ever baseball game last Friday! It was Sweden Vs. Korea. I went to see the game together with Ryn. There was maybe two or three hundred spectators there, some Koreans too. It was fun. The game is interesting; there's lots of small rules and things happening which adds depth to it. I learned a lot about the game from Ryn :)

I was surprised how often the batter did NOT hit the ball, most often he would let it fly past him, occasionally he would swing his bat, rarely actually hitting it. I did get to see some home runs though.


I must say Sweden sucked at baseball. I'm not surprised as baseball is not a big thing in Sweden but some of it was downright embarrassing; missed balls and opponents who got to "walk". Korea's game was more solid.

scoreboard 5-1

Korea won 5 to 1 if I understand the numbers on the scoreboard correctly.
(Visitors was Sweden, Home was Korea)
It was fun nonetheless and I'm looking forward to my next game!

Thanks Ryn :)

Second harvest
Postad den 12 Sep 2009 vid 17:46

More tomatoes
Here's my second harvest of my tomatoes. There's more popping up now; small green ones, so I expect to harvest even more.

The chili is flowering, most exciting, unfortunately they're infected with plant mites (bladlöss), sadness.

Chili flower:
Chili flower

I still have the mystery plants and two of them have actually grown quite a bit so they get to live.. for now.

I have secured several seeds from the tomato plant, I even tried planting one of them and it already has small leaves, color me impressed. The seeds are dried and securely stored between some paper towels awaiting next year.

Harvest pics
Postad den 30 Aug 2009 vid 17:21

This is my first harvest, I harvested kinda late so some were over ripe. Lesson learned for next time :)

Harvested tomatoes
The tomato plant before harvest:
Plant before harvest

I estimate about 90% of the tomatoes were ripe, I left some green/orange ones left.
I believe I can see the beginnings of flowers on the chili plants, exciting!

Chili plants:


Yep, they're growing in various cartons hehe, recycling ;P

All your tomatoes are belong to me
Postad den 23 Aug 2009 vid 12:38

Success! After all that hard work of carrying the heavy water pitcher to the balcony and pouring water on the plant I now have small, red, tomatoe flavoured balls of food.

Red cherry tomato

Look at that beauty! :)
Yep, cherry tomatoes is what I got. Next year I'll do a mix of different kind.

(No chili yet, as expected.
The mystery plant is still pathetic.)

Oh deer
Postad den 13 Aug 2009 vid 14:54

A couple of days ago a deer appeared on the lawn under our balcony.
It wasn't very big and it was quite Bambi like.

I took some photos and even some video of the poor thing eating that nasty grass. That's where children run around, bums pee and dogs do their business. Gross.

Hallunda Bambi

Anyway it chewed happily on that stuff for maybe 5-10 minutes. It must have been really brave or high on valium because it couldn't have cared less about the people walking/bicycling on the road just 3 meters away from it.

It was interesting to watch nonetheless.
A+ would look again.

Late update
Postad den 13 Aug 2009 vid 13:49

Better late than never. I've been slacking with my updates :P

* The tomatoes are growing fine.
* I transplanted some of the chili and placed them outside on the balcony, they didn't like it at first but now they're stronger than the ones inside, except they got all wierd looking.
* The plant lice haven't spread much at all.
* The mystery plants remain tiny and weak.
* I haven't opened the plant nutrients bottle I bought, perhaps I should.

I took old milk cartons, cut them up and used for replanting the chili hehee :)


Attack of the lice.
Postad den 13 Jul 2009 vid 17:54

Oh noes, I found a bunch of plant lice chewing away at the leaves of The Tomato Plant. I though I got them all earlier but then there were more, they just keep on cloning*ahem* reproducing themselves. If they spread from the lower leaves I shall have to resort to drastic methods; CHEMICAL WARFARE! >:O

Both The Tomato Plant and the chili have grown quite a bit since my last post here, as you can see from the pictures below, the mystery weed, however, has not.

I think I'll discard the weed due to severe lack of excitement; it has not made me "Oooh" OR "Aaah".. I'll give it some plant-nutrients that I bought today, if that doesn't help then it's bye-bye boring weed.

The chili is in dire need of re-planting into larger pots, I must attend to that soon.


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