Pea flower
Postad den 11 Jun 2010 vid 21:06

The peas are starting to flower. Happiness!
Pea flower

Fritering är roligt!
Postad den 9 Jun 2010 vid 21:13

Jag ville testa fritera en massa olika grejer.
Tre tallrikar friterade saker blev det.
Tallrik 1
Tallrik 2
Tallrik 3
Zoom in tallrik 2
Zoom in tallrik 2
Zoom in tallrik 1
Mina testråttor muhahahahhaaaa!!
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Vi friterade:
  • Pommes
  • Bacon med panering
  • Scones-deg
  • Scones-deg med panering
  • Toastbröd
  • Falukorv
  • Falukorv med panering
  • Baguetter
  • Baguetter med panering
  • Lökringa med panering
  • Äppelskivor med panering
  • Boll gjord av panering

    Det var inte sådär jätte gott men några av grejerna listade ovan blev OK.
  • Lyckad matexperiment: Friterade laxbollar
    Postad den 8 Jun 2010 vid 21:10

    Friterade laxbollar

    Jag blev inspirerad av Mios japanska matlagning och blev sugen att fritera något. Laxbollar var det första som poppade upp i mitt huvud. Jag har inte friterat något före Mios "korokke pan" och jag har aldrig ens sett friterade laxbollar men jag ville testa.

    Testa gjorde jag och det blev jätte gott ^^.

    Jag tinade upp två bitar lax, mosade dem i en bunke (jag tog bort konstiga bitar), hackade en halv gul lök och en klyfta vitlök i väldigt små bitar. Jag blandade in lite salt, peppar, chili allround krydda, citron saft, en hel del citron peppar och lite potatismjöl. Sen knedade jag det till en pasta, gjorde bollar och rullade dem i panering. Paneringen bestod av ägg, mjöl, vatten och till sist brödsmulor. Vill du vara lite japansk kan du vispa ägget med ätpinnar som jag gjorde ;)

    Sedan var det bara att fritera. Jag testade fritera i 1.5 minut och 2 minuter. 1.5 minut verkade bäst; paneringen blev ganska hård med 2 minuters fritering. Jag fick 10 stycken "köttbulle storleks" bollar och en boll som innehöll mest brödsmulor, den var också god fast på ett annat sätt.

    == Ingedienser: ==

    • 2 laxbitar (ICAs frysta i vacuumpack, gissar vilt pÃ¥ ca 300-400g)
    • ½ gul lök
    • 1 vitlöksklyfta
    • 1 nypa salt
    • 3 skak peppar
    • 2 skak chili allround krydda
    • mÃ¥nga skak citronpeppar
    • nÃ¥gra skvätt citron saft
    • 2 teskedar potatismjöl

    • 1 ägg
    • ca 1 dl vetemjöl
    • tillräckligt med vatten
    • brödsmulor

    Garden work
    Postad den 6 Jun 2010 vid 13:18

    I've done a bunch of garden work now that I finally got some leca balls.
    I have three tomato plants growing now. Instead of throwing away the rest of the tomato plants I took a bunch and planted them together in a small container, as an experiment, just to see what happens.

    I have two buckets of chili with four chili plants each, the rest were too weak so I discarded them. The four peas are doing well though they haven't grown much in length. As for the red beets; only two of the planted beats are alive. I opened the rest and did not find any traces of life, I couldn't even find the seeds. That is strange.

    So now I have a bunch of buckets with life on the balcony instead of toilet paper rolls.

    Scary morning
    Postad den 29 May 2010 vid 10:54

    Today I woke up with a loud, constant ringing noise in my right ear and impaired hearing in that ear. It's over now but I was scared I had gotten tinnitus or something.

    It even manifested in my dream; I was trying to sleep (in a room I've never seen before) and there's someone tinkering with two huge loudspeakers and they're making a really loud high pitch hissing noise. I finally convince him to turn his device off but the noise doesn't stop.

    I think the noise continued in my other dreams as well.
    I believe it took close to an hour for the noise and impairment to fade away.
    Strange stuff.

    Death and decay
    Postad den 27 May 2010 vid 15:00

    All my tomato plants are affected by something negative. Disease? Too much sun? Too much/little water? Something else? I dunno. The chili plants are suffering from not being planted in a bigger container and my store is still out of "leca balls" (leca kulor). The peas growth is stagnated and the red beets are all but dead.

    My spirit is low :(

    "Argh! It burns!"
    Postad den 20 May 2010 vid 18:44

    Some of my tomato plants have taken radiation damage!
    I've moved them to a shadier spot.

    Sun radiation damage on leaves.
    Notice the whiteness of the leaves.

    Postad den 18 May 2010 vid 17:25

    Ok, I just moved all the plants outside, it's warmer outside than inside.
    One bucket of peas (three plants) have died, I took my two spare peas and put them in the bucket. The strawberries have died. The red beets look dying. The carrots look pathetic.

    The tomatoes are growing strong, two of the strongest tomatoes have been replanted in buckets, I might do even one more if I have the space. The chili plants are looking good, they need to be put in buckets ASAP.

    Thoughts about the toilet roll units; It was a mistake to use them except for the tomatoes because with the tomatoes I was going to choose just a couple and discard the rest where as for the other plants I was planning on keeping them all, introducing an unnecessary step of replanting and problems like mold etc.

    I still have time to plant another batch of everything except the strawberries (according to the packages). I might do a bucket of beets and carrots.

    Postad den 12 May 2010 vid 22:37

    Final boss of the internet

    Wet season
    Postad den 12 Apr 2010 vid 13:51

    The red beets have popped up now, finally. They're red *surprise*!
    The "nonreplanted" peas have recovered with the new watering regime, the remaining carrots seem to be fine though they're still thin.

    Bought 200 liters of soil for 100 kr, good deal I think.

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