Link to the Forum page?
Postad den 24 Feb 2009 vid 22:28

Hey one and all. I was thinking just now, as I guess I was back in december - Shouldn't we have a clickable on our main page that takes us to the forums?

Old Soul Edge music
Postad den 16 Feb 2009 vid 21:35

The music in that game is probably the best music in any fighting game ever.

SFIV music
Postad den 10 Feb 2009 vid 23:25

Are they going for completely new themes, or are they using the old stuff?

Big Hip
Postad den 10 Feb 2009 vid 22:45

Figured out the O-Goshi throw, and I mean figured the HELL outta the throw. I'm stoked cuz I thought this throw was gonna kill me! Foot positions, arms, legs and twisting actions. there's a bunch of stuff that need to line up:

Take a Look at the throw

Peace out!

Postad den 10 Feb 2009 vid 22:33

Looking forward to Saturday.

Postad den 4 Feb 2009 vid 6:49

Jag, Teppo, och Sampo har ju som bekant börjat judoa oss. Bra grejer. Hårt, och slitigt, fast på rätt sätt.

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